Some thoughts in Sierra Nevada, Spain

Even in my hidden thoughts I didn’t have an idea to go hiking abroad. Neither had I a thought of writing about travelling or blogging in English. Here I am writing about my day hiking trip in Spain, quite far away from home, and in English. Well, life is amazing, it is capable to surprise you every now and then. So is nature.

My “mountain madness” started a year ago when finding one blog post. At that time I spent my vacation in beautiful Bellagio by Lake Como, Italy. The blogger described the hiking trails so attractively and the starting points of some those trails were just around the corner. However, as a beginner I chose a bit too difficult path and it wasn’t just singing a long – hiking. Despite of that something grabbed my emotions and I fell in love in a second with the views of Mt. San Primo.

Veleta (3398 m) 


This year the love story continues. Three days of my mountain madness started in Pradollano, Sierra Nevada. Scenery offered me those speechless moments and reminded immediately why I was there. Weather was quite warm even on the last part of the trail. Water, water, water, some snack + sun protection! Great appertizer for my longing for mountains. 

Next day the hunger for hiking grew. The plan was to hike only for one day. Why? I do not know. With lot of Google searched information about the mountain Mulhacén, drive to Capileira started. It took around 1,5 hour by car from Pradollano.

If it is recommended somewhere that please book the bus trip etc. in advance, then do so. I didn’t which meant an extra day in Capileira. Nevertheless it was a great mistake, since Capileira was absolutely one of the cutest village I have visited in Spain.

Mulhacén (3482 m)

11 a.m. the bus leaves in time from Capileira. It takes you up in 45 minutes, much higher than you are able to drive by a car. There are not that many scheduled routes a day. So better check them in advance.

My hiker engine was ready to go, filled with the hotel breakfast and a bit of excitement of the coming day. Enough food, snacks and water? Too hot? Enough clothes? Prepared enough, we’ll see.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was so relaxed and far from my daily routines due to the extra night in Capileira. But still I had a massive thinking of customer experience in the future, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Quite funny though. To be honest that thinking didn’t last long,  since the views took me fast far away from that mindset. :D


As a beginner I have never experienced anything like Mulhacén views before and that kind of openness of the world. No sound, no nothing around you. How on earth you can feel the smallness and magnitude at the same time? You are able to feel the emptiness and the full of joy and gratefulness at the same time?


It took three hours to walk up and two hours down. All together six hours with four breaks during the daytrip. I did manage with my jogging shoes, but for the next time I will invest in better hiking shoes. The temperature was + 12 C on the top and during the landing it was quite windy.  I had to put my thin jacket on. Once again… Water, water, water, enough breaks and snack.


Capileira village

If you look for a quiet Andalucian white village atmosphere and a runaway from hectic everyday life, Capileira is the village to stay. It felt almost like time stops and you have this very pure moment all around you. With or without hiking I would definitely go there again.


Hotel Rural Real de Poqueira was a great match located in center with swimming pool, cherry trees and the view from the window was direct to the mountains and the church. But the most important thing was the hotel staff. They all were so friendly and helpful in every detailed questions the visitor and the beginner hiker could ask for.

When you enter the lobby, you find the feeling of welcome. Super thanks for the great experience and to those lovely people who made it happen!


Another tip for dinner time is a tiny restaurant called Taberna La Tapa. Local delicious traditional dishes with nice wines. One of the interesting catch was a spicy casserole with spinach and almonds. The owner of the restaurant was so friendly, this is must visit restaurant in Capileira. Great visit to this village and this part of Spain!

Thanks for spending some time with me in Sierra Nevada and have a great trip where ever you go.

-Minna ❤


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts in Sierra Nevada, Spain

  1. Hello Minni,

    Thank you very much for your visit to our Hotel***Real de Poqueira. We are delighted that you so obviously enjoyed your stay with us. It is very satisfying to know that our efforts of making our guests feel welcome and giving them the best service possible are paying off. We are very pleased that you got to enjoy the village of Capileira and the surrounding countryside and our hightst peak Mulahacen. For us in the Hotel*** Real de Poqueira, it has been a pleasure to have had you as our guest and we want to thank you again for your kind words. We very much hope to be able to welcome you again in the future, to enjoy once more all we have to offer.

    Best regards, Hoteles Poqueira



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