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Le Moi minnalinna.com

I would like to welcome you to the food market in Malaga. It is a very hot day in the end of July and I’m here to meet Jeff Bormes, the chef of “Le Moi” in Mijas, Costa del Sol. Jeff has experienced the tastes, ingredients and the kitchens around the world. He’s been to Caribbean, India and Greece, he knows the movie productions, unique events and shows. And he definitely knows the culinary world.

After travelling for years around the world Jeff and Sylvia wanted more stable life for their family and specially for their kids. 19 years ago they decided to stay in Mijas, Costa del Sol. They started with Riverdance shows and later on they opened their first restaurant in Marbella. Three years ago ”Le Moi” saw the daylight.

Le Moi minnalinna.com

Le Moi _ blog minnalinna.comAt “Le Moi” you never know what will be served on the day´s menu. It depends on the available ingredients at the food market and what Jeff has created in his mind. Every guest is special, so is the tasting menu. Their passion is to create unique moments for each and every guest. While Jeff is shopping for available ingredients for the evening, Sylvia is preparing for the night at the restaurant. Booking tables, doing marketing activities, answering mails etc.

Le Moi _ blog minnalinna.com

“ I don´t cook what I can, I cook what I feel”

Sometimes Jeff’s creative mind wakes him up in the middle of the night. When some ideas and combos of ingredients pop up, they find their way to the notebook on his night table.

“Sometimes I don´t even recognize the drawings that I have created” he laughs. “But sometimes very nice ideas are ready to the testing table”, he continues. There starts the creative process of food and art, testing and tasting.

Like in every creative process, some creations get the status of “acceptance” and some of them will just disappear like the dreams in the night. Smokey salt, lavender butter, chocolate cans with turkey, Alladdin’s magic sauce, just a few picks from the previous menus.  “I don’t cook what I can, I cook what I feel” Jeff says and picks some grass from the food market. “Do you wanna taste this?” he asks.

It is about details and feelings

Their place is unique. “Le Moi” is surrounded by nature on their Spanish rustic style estate. Like in most nice moments, sceneries and journeys, it is about the details and feelings. It is also about the team work of a couple who has colorful background and versatile experience in creating events.

The most welcoming atmosphere, nice music, super creative and delicious tasting menu with the artistic serving. Everything matches and even the wind moves to the right direction on the night I visited “Le Moi”. For me it was more like an experimental journey to the world’s flavors, art, enthusiasm and friendship.

I learned a lot about the components of the dishes, seasonal products, artistic menu preparation, creating a guest experience and much more. Next time I meet them, I will definitely cook some Finnish home food. I just need some preparation time 😀

Let´s keep on dreaming and doing the things we love, enjoy and feel the passion. Together we can achieve even more. Thank you so much Jeff and Sylvia for the special and delicious moments!

– Minna ❤ –

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