Capileira, the prettiest white village in Sierra Nevada

”Third times a charm” they say. Well this was my third time in this pretty little white village, Capileira in Sierra Nevada, Spain. Capileira is the highest white village in Sierra Nevada, very close friend of the villages Bubion and Pampaneira. Those three villages live their quiet life next to each others. Curly mountain road takes you to the Pogueira Valley. Capileira is also the highest place you are able to go by public transportation in Sierra Nevada. Its altitude is around 1400 meters. Capileira is 70 km from Granada and 190 km from Malaga. And if you ask me it is definitely the most charming white village I have visited.

This picture was taken from the village Pampaneira.

Every time the unique atmosphere has welcomed me very friendly. And every time I have found something new during my visit. Something meaningful and some new level of silence. The part of my trips has also been to hike to the mountain of Mulhacèn (3, 479m). You can find a link and more info of my previous trips under this post.

When the time stops

Every time I have arrived in the village, it has been siesta. In Capileira siesta time means basicly silence. Shops and restaurants are closed. People really take a break and they will be back from their hidden moments between 7-8 pm. Streets are empty. The only thing you can hear during the siesta is the sound of running mountain water and the concert of cicadas. That is the moment to be. The timeless moment.

This is how I saw Capileira this summer in one sunny day. Enjoy couple of moments with me and with my pictures in beautiful Capileira.

Isn´t she lovely? By the Aqua Potable.
Capileira is surrounded by the walls of the mountains

Beautiful nature and those moments to be

Few restaurant and hotel tips for you if traveling in Capileira

The part of my journeys is always to look for nice restaurants. I cook a lot. From my trips I always find some ideas for the new recipes. All those spicy and hot recipes warm us during the long and cold winter in Finland. Like wise the fresh meals bring the summer breeze and nice memories in to my kitchen. Basic and simple food is also very inspirational.

Very delicious local food from Albujarra and Indian dishes in restaurant Restaurante Alpujarreño e Hindu El Jardín de los Sabores. Another very good restaurant was El corral del Castaño. Muchas gracias! And third time in Hotel Real de Poqueira which is located in the center of the village. Super nice people and cosy hotel with a pool!

Thanks for being in this Capileira journey with me. I will be back 🙂 Have a great time where ever you travel!

❤ Minna

Here you can find my previous Sierra Nevada blogpost. More pics on my Instagram account @ minnalinna .


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